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Strategies of alterity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Systems of alterity - Essay Example For whatever length of time that the cherished remains thus, the person in question may just be characterized by the feelings that the person realizes from the darling. Barthes clearly takes a practical point of view about sentimental connections. Indeed, even as he thinks about the significance of sweethearts in knowing one another, he additionally perceives the way that darlings can never completely know or comprehend the other. Albeit both Alien Encounter and Outer Space were inside and out works of sci-fi, especially examining about the yet to be completely investigated boondocks of human and outsider relations and the conceivable outcomes of life frames past the Earth, the spaces it really implied are the void in human information. The tone of the two pieces were light and amusing despite the fact that the topic that both speak to is very genuine. Both being accounts, the perusers/watchers are tended to in the subsequent individual, which successfully relates them to the subject in point. The female characters in the film are looking for somebody exceptional to them separately so as to top off the void in their individual lives. (Sarbanes 57) They did so when then they experienced outsiders. Be that as it may, these creatures from space don't get unique as in became different parts of long haul sentimental associations with the principle female characters. Their centrality is in their capacity to let the ladies see past the void they are encountering, making them ready to live their particular lives better. The wanting subject of the book and the film is the fundamental female character. Apparently, the objects of want are the outsiders be that as it may, truth be told, it is the desire to have more joyful and less forlorn lives. Scopophilia is the feeling of satisfaction that an individual encounters by simply looking. As per Freud, scopophilia is one of human sexual senses in spite of the fact that it exists free of the elements of the fundamental sexual organs. For the individual submitting scopophilia, an item, frequently another individual might be

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Drawing to Painting Essay Example For Students

Attracting to Painting Essay This permitted the craftsmen to assemble fundamental thoughts and to concentrate on the subtleties of the work. Likewise in this innovative procedure the craftsman was known to utilize live models and the models were commonly male regardless of whether the figure the craftsman was attracting was to be female. Maybe one medium Raphael utilized was silvering on arranged pink paper that permitted the craftsman to depict a fragile tonal impact. The craftsman may have additionally utilized red chalk as a medium which was utilized to copy the delicate tones of tissue. Raphael at that point put the consequences of taking a gander at the figures of the live models into an outline structure of the organization and this helped him set up the lighting impacts and setting for the figural courses of action. Two instances of this are Repeals work of Madonna and Child With the Infant Saint John the Baptist is an investigation Of the figures pyramidal gathering. Another progression Raphael may have utilized is drawing kid's shows, which were full-scale drawings. These drawings were essential if the craftsman decided to paint frescoes which were done on damp mortar. Fresco is a troublesome medium that powers the craftsman to rapidly paint a little bit of mortar every day as the wet mortar and water-based hues dry rapidly. When charging compositions or figures is was normal practice for the specialists to incorporate an attracting or extending to help clarify the plan and its subtleties that was normal and were settled upon by the two gatherings. Drawings were likewise utilized as show pieces for endorsement from supporters and for use in workshops, and these were essentially finished in regard to the iconography. These sorts to drawings were utilized tort chiseling ventures and showed the structure of the landmark (Renaissance Drawings: Material And Function, 2013). When painting the Alba Madonna Raphael utilized oil on wood which he at that point moved to canvas. The craftsman utilized oil paints for his artistic creations and here and there wet mortar (for frescoes) alongside the IL paint. As referenced above, when doing frescoes the craftsman needed to work little territories of the artwork and work rapidly before the mortar and paint dried rapidly. Indication the craftsman drew before painting since he needed to ensure the components of the work of art were right. Likewise, maybe on the off chance that it was an authorized piece or work of art, at that point he could demonstrate his plans to the forthcoming customer and give them thought of tank he had as a main priority to do. In Repeals painting of Alba Madonna think he is communicating godlikeness through the perfect magnificence Of th e figures Of Mary, Jesus and John. Maybe through the development that he demonstrates through the manner in which the Christ kid is by all accounts tolerating the cross and the manner in which Mary is investigating the future that he is demonstrating the what might be on the horizon. I think her arm on Johns shoulder is a kind of acknowledgment of what is to come and understanding that John will clear the path for Christ. Do believe attracting to be a significant artistic expression. As referenced in a portion of the articles read about Raphael and his drawings, his drawings were here and there more nitty gritty than the genuine compositions he would take from the drawings. I think attracting permits a craftsman to investigate their thoughts thou focusing on them, in light of the fact that once they start with the paint there is actually no returning.

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Court System and Law Principles in England

Court System and Law Principles in England Courts in England and Wales Nov 16, 2018 in Coursework Statutes Law in the United Kingdom Statutes are the methods by which will is imposed on citizens by legislature. Interpretation of the statutes has implications. Statutes law is an essential thing in the United Kingdom because of the loads of statute law volumes enacted every year by devolved parliaments of the country like Northern Ireland, Scottish, and Welsh Assemblies. Enactment of legislation is for fulfillment of community and international obligations. Interpretation of the statutes is a prerogative for courts. There is no existence of a particular principle in these states such that if a there is challenge involving the executive they do not seek to know the correctness but the permissibility. The precedent doctrine is applied to decisions in statute interpretation, which makes the higher courts decision bind the lower courts found in the same jurisdiction. The England and Wales courts of Appeal would, for example, follow decisions made by Scotland court and Northern Ireland court of Appeal if the statute was in application in the whole United Kingdom.

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The Sociologists Take on Feminism

What feminism means is a hotly contested debate in the twenty-first century. Often, efforts to define feminism are hatched in response to critiques or dismissals of it as angry, irrational, and man-hating. The term itself is so widely contested and derided that many people adamantly state that they are not feminists, despite espousing what many consider feminist values and views. Key Takeaways: Feminism The definition of feminism is hotly contested and the term is often misunderstood.From the sociological perspective, feminism can be defined as an attempt to promote equality by challenging patriarchal social structures.Feminists today take an intersectional perspective, considering how factors such as race and socioeconomic status affect people’s experiences in patriarchal systems. Feminism Is a Response to Patriarchal Social Structures So what is feminism really all about? Equality. Not just for women, but for all people, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, culture, religion, ability, class, nationality, or age. Studying feminism from a sociological perspective brings all of this to light. Viewed this way, one can see that feminism is about trying to change patriarchal social structures. The focus of a feminist critique is a social system that is designed by men, guided by their particular gendered world views and experiences, and designed to privilege their values and experiences at the expense of others. Who those men are, in terms of race and class, among other things, varies from place to place. But at a global level, and especially within Western nations, those men in power have historically been wealthy, white, cisgender, and heterosexual, which is an important historical and contemporary point. Those in power determine how society operates, and they determine it based on their own perspectives, experiences, and interests, which more often than not serve to create unequal and unjust systems. Feminism Is About De-Centering the Male Perspective Within the social sciences, the development of a feminist perspective and feminist theories have always been about de-centering the privileged white male perspective from framing social problems, the approach to studying them, how we actually study them, what we conclude about them, and what we try to do about them as a society. Feminist social science begins by casting off the assumptions derived from the particular standpoint of privileged white men. This means not just reconfiguring social science to not privilege men, but also, to de-center whiteness, heterosexuality, middle and upper-class status, ability, and other elements of the dominant perspective in order to create a social science that combats inequality and fosters equality through inclusion. Feminism Isn’t Just About Gender Patricia Hill Collins, one of the most accomplished and important American sociologists alive today, referred to this approach to seeing the world and its peoples as intersectional. This approach recognizes that systems of power and privilege, and of oppression, work together, intersect, and rely upon each other. This concept has become central to todays feminism because understanding intersectionality is central to understanding and fighting inequality. Collinss articulation of the concept (and the lived reality of it) is what makes race, class, sexuality, nationality, ability, and many other things necessary to include in a feminist perspective. For one is never simply just a woman or a man: one is defined by and operates within these other social constructs that have very real consequences that shape experiences, life chances, perspectives, and values. What Feminism Is Really About Because feminism is so misunderstood, many people—including some high-profile celebrities—have avoided calling themselves feminists. For example, Taylor Swift avoided calling herself a feminist in a 2012 interview but clarified in 2014 that she does consider herself a feminist and that her earlier remarks on feminism were based on a misunderstanding of the term. In other words, many people distance themselves from feminism simply because they have misconceptions about what feminism actually means. So what is feminism really all about? Feminism is about fighting inequality in all of its forms, including classism, racism, global corporate colonialism, heterosexism and homophobia, xenophobia, religious intolerance, and of course, the persistent problem of sexism. It is also about fighting these on a global level, and not just within our own communities and societies, because we are all connected by globalized systems of economy and governance, and because of this, power, privilege, and inequality operate on a global scale. Whats not to like?

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The Rich And Large Corporations Get Richer - 967 Words

In Sander’s (2011) book, upon reviewing it, a few topics came up. Sanders speaks specifically on how in the United States there are a plethora of corporate greed and corruption. Like Sanders (2011) quotes in his book: The rich and large corporations get richer, the CEOs earn huge compensation packages, and when things get bad, don t worry; Uncle Sam and the American taxpayers are here to bail you out. But when you are in trouble, well, we just can t afford to help you, if you are in the working class or middle class of this country. (P.169). Here it shows how he examines the facts on exactly how screwed up our system is. With Sanders facts and thoughts you see how passionate he is to do the right thing, which he thinks everyone should be as well. Sanders quotes in his book a lot about how he thinks citizens should be taking action towards corruption and greed that’s among their towns and cities. Sanders reviews economic issues every day, he pleads and speaks on the trut h and effects of how America is the dumbing ground of corporate greed and political corruption. From the time of 2010-2016, Sanders finds out that corporate GREED is destroying the economy. He speaks on how almost all of the new wealth and income is going to the top 1%. He not only believes that but thinks the mainstream media is more interested in discussing everything accept the most important issues facing the American people. Which is why he thinks citizens should be taking the responsibility to goShow MoreRelatedAmerica s Income And Wealth Inequality987 Words   |  4 PagesToday in America, income and wealth inequality has continued to grow at an unsettling pace. The rich continue to get richer, while the number of people categorized as lower class grows exponentially. As Joseph Stiglitz has explained, many theories that are seen as strongly Republican, such as the trickle-down effect, has caused the rich to take money from the poor, and as a result the lower class grows an d the middle class disintegrates. The top 1 percent of America’s households currently holds 30Read MoreSo Much Inequality in Our World1677 Words   |  7 PagesGlobal inequality is actually way worse than it is in the United States; we are just not seeing it. Even though people know what the problem is some people might think that there is nothing we can do about it because that is how things go. As we think, rich people have more power, and mostly they rule the global economy. Therefore, I want to address some issues and possible solutions to an inequality or changes that we can make, and I will be focusing on the global inequality. First, one of the reasonsRead MoreEssay on Why the Rich Get Richer, While the Poor Get Poorer1572 Words   |  7 Pagesrecent economic times, it is clear to see that the rift between the extremely rich and the extremely poor is expanding, with those in the middle being stretched to one extreme or the other. There seems to be no reconciliations for this ever-growing disparity, as the corporations that used to comprise solely our economy lose national borders. Robert B. Reich discussed this issue in his work, Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer. There are many reasons that go into play and many factorsRead MoreThe Poor Are Getting Poorer1218 Words   |  5 PagesUniversity, 2003; Top Ten Best Cabinet Members listee, Time magazine, 2008.† (Contemporary Authors Online). Robert B. Reich’s Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer discuses three main points about why the middle class is shrinking. First, Robert B. Reich mentions college. According to Choice, â€Å"educators and sociologists contrasted the performance of rich and poor students in the US. But Neal s message is that ill order to understand the nation s students, abuse and neglect must becomeRead More ¬an Inevitable Consequence of Economic Growth Is Increasing Inequality1241 Words   |  5 Pageseconomic sense is the difference in distribution of wealth and income between the people of a population, or even the difference in wealth between states. Though it is an outcome of economic growth, the rise of inequality seems to support â€Å"the rich getting richer, and the poor getting children† (Birdsall, 76) Unlike the world Karl Marx hoped to see, communism is not a system of government that is too popular in the modern world. Democracy on the other hand, is a system of government that is beingRead MoreA Brief Note On Progressive Tax And Tax955 Words   |  4 Pagesincome in the American society. The differences in the income of the class of the people is increasing. And the market alone cannot determine the income distribution in the society. There is a large gap between the class of the people due to the unequal distribution of the income and wealth. The gap between the rich and poor will increase and more people will come under the line of poverty if there was no attempt of influence the distribution of income and wealth. Likewise, the distribution of wealthRead MoreShanghai Urban Case Study : Urban Problems1647 Words   |  7 Pagespollution Rural to Urban Migration and immigration - Shanghai is a highly globalised and developing city and Chinas hub and model city. - 58 multinational companies and over 30 banks are headquartered in Shanghai. - With so many multinational corporations Shanghai provides many business opportunities and ways to make money. - High minimum wage of 8000 rmb a month attracts many people to migrate to Shanghai -the richest 10% of the population earn 9.6 times the income of the poorest 10%. -173000 expatsRead MoreMichael Moore Capitailism a Love Story Review Essay643 Words   |  3 Pagesof living. However, for many workers, making an income to support a family can be quite impossible. At one time, you could find a secure job and live a good life, but capitalism has evolved into a system of greed where only the rich get richer, and the middle class get poorer with no chance to better themselves. This review will analyze the positive and negative impacts of capitalism shown in the film, as well as provide my comments as to why I enjoyed the film. Capitalism gives us the freedomRead MoreAnalysis Of Dr. Seuss s The Lorax 1463 Words   |  6 Pagesfor the children. A capitalist economy creates the greedy and self indulging business person, who just wants to keep getting richer. In the United States of America, many people have grown up with Darwinism being a telling motto for life, survival of the fittest. This meaning, the rich get richer and poor get poorer, but survival of the fittest sounds much better for the rich person. In today’s society, the average human is not informed and just goes with what they are told to be true by the mediaRead MoreThe New Rulers Of The World794 Words   |  4 PagesWorld, directed by Alan Lowery and John Pilger. . A documentary that critiques globalisation, international institutions and the political affluence the West has over the world. Discussing the polarisation of wealth and disparity in income between the rich and poor. This assignment focuses on how international institutio ns under the influence of the West have exploited Asia especially Indonesia. The film turns the spotlight towards the new rulers of the world, the great multinational and governments

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Top Essay Samples for Mba Admission Reviews!

Top Essay Samples for Mba Admission Reviews! If you don't understand how to begin your MBA essay, utilize some effective strategies and tips for your successful set-up. As a consequence, spending money to deal with your essays could possibly be challenging. Such knowledge is just one of the principal elements which should unquestionably be achieved during the practice of completing MBA program. Participating in such a massive study from begin to finish has validated my interest in academic research for a profession. If you don't, it is possible to actually hurt your odds of admission. It is very important to capture the interest of the admission tutors no matter how strict they may appear to be. Typically, candidates attempt to stick out from the competition at the cost of their writing. More frequently than not, deadlines for submitting applications are almost always short which makes many prospective applicants worry they will not have the capacity to submit their sample essay for MBA application punctually. If your dream of being a specialist in the health care department, you've got to experience long years of studying. How you answer various questions regarding your career objectives, yourself, or experiences can enable the committee evaluate your individual insight and critical thinking. Within five decades, it failed. It's quite obvious for me that having a suitable education is truly essential and that it may help us to reach certain targets. What Is So Fascinating About Essay S amples for Mba Admission? Being attentive to the most important distribution functions and understanding how to manage manufacturing properly is necessary for every single professional. The main aim is to get the compulsory knowledge and to be a true professional. You're a true individual, and it's fine to show it! Nowadays an increasing number of types of business reach a worldwide dimensions and to be able to continue being successful and prosperous it's necessary to understand all the foundations of this aspect and to be a genuine professional in the sphere of global company. The application should contain information on why you wish to study in a specific school. If it doesn't scare you and it's still true that you want to turn into an excellent medical worker, it's necessary for you to complete study in a secondary medical school. Explain how a specific program is able to help you achieve them. Its MBA program enjoys a wonderful reputation on the planet. How to Get St arted with Essay Samples for Mba Admission? Seeing rhetorical analysis in action is just one of the greatest strategies to understand it. Complete this question only in the event that you feel your candidacy isn't fully represented via this application. Topic sentence no matter how the conclusion of the post lacks the same degree of effectiveness in the appeals to ethos. Due to this instability, the standard of my education suffered. Because that endeavor is intimidating, it's often hard to determine where to begin. You are going to receive a personalized score report highlighting your strengths and regions of improvement. Otherwise, bad education can develop into the most important obstacle in competing with other educated people owning business and in getting your very own successful small business. Ok, I Think I Understand Essay Samples for Mba Admission, Now Tell Me About Essay Samples for Mba Admission! Only with the assistance of the constant procedure for self-improve ment it's possible to attain the desired effects. Repeat your answer and offer the most meaningful info to show that you're honest. Just take a huge picture into consideration. 75% should be supplemented and clarified. Essay Samples for Mba Admission: the Ultimate Convenience! Introduce the article which you intend to analyze in your essay. If you are in need of a well-crafted essay, then you can count on us to deliver. Our admission essay examples can prove that we're here in order to provide simply the very best assistance to assure you which you submit an application essay that you may be confident in. Writing a rhetorical analysis essay may seem to be a daunting undertaking. Keep in mind, an admission essay sample may be a good way to find out more about the writing procedure and understand the task better. As you are interested in getting the essay to communicate the ideal information about you, you have to do thorough preparation for the sample college admission essays to accomplish its purposes. You will get an exclusive essay made by an expert, which passed the crucial verification for uniqueness. Let EssayEdge help you compose an application essay which gets noticed.

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Strategic Management Practices of Samsung-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Using an organisation that has been in the news in the past two years, apply and critically evaluate how each of the following theoretical concepts influences strategic management practices in that organisation. Provide recommendations that would enhance strategic management in your chosen organisation. Answer: Introduction The report is based on the organization that has been in the news in the past two years. The organization selected for the critical evaluation is Samsung. The evaluation is done on the basis of the theoretical concepts that influence strategic management practices in the company. The company is a South Korean Multinational company having headquarters in Samsung Town, Seoul. The company has been in the limelight for past two years because of some of the incidence and due to new products introduced by the company. Samsung deals in the products like Apparel, Chemicals, electronic components, telecommunications equipment, DRAM, Ships, home appliances, medical equipments, and consumer electronics Industry Attractiveness The industry attractiveness is the future profit potential of a market. The industry attractiveness can be evaluated with the use of Porter's five forces framework as this framework shows the competitive advantage and competitive strategy of the company. Porters Five Forces Bargaining power of the buyers- High The Bargaining power of the buyers is high for the company as the customers can easily switch to the other products which include various companies like HTC, Nokia, Apple, Blackberry and many others. The customers can switch due to the presence of the competitors in the market and this is the reason to face the competition Samsung introduce new products (Rothaermel, 2015). Bargaining power of Suppliers- Medium The company is having the relationship with numerous suppliers that provide the general parts and components to the company. The company is having approximately 579 suppliers and the companys supply chain includes over 2,700 suppliers in other industries. For instance; Google exercises a huge bargaining power being an Android platform supplier. The company is having the lack of the alternative platforms that can be explored by Samsung. The company is having the strategies to corporate with the suppliers; approximately 72.7% of its total economic value was shared surrounded by a supplier in 2014 (Dudovkiy, 2017). Threat of Substitutes- High The threat of the substitute is increasing due to the use of the different gadgets at the place of the mobile by the consumer and this is the reason the company is diversifying its products. Furthermore, the company is enhancing the range of the mobile and desktop application related to the business of the mobile communication. Rivalry- Medium Samsung is facing the competition from the many companies who belong to the different industry. To face the competition the company invests the amount in the Research and development programs that help the company to achieve the objective of becoming the leader in the field of electronics. The brand is the global brand that performs the ethical obligations to achieve the maximum of the profit (Han, and Oh, 2013). Threat of new entrants- Low The threat of the new entrants is low in the market as to enter into the industry of consumer electronics and the telecommunication; there is need of the huge capital investment to open the business. Samsung has the strong relationship and has numerous distribution channels. If in case any new company came into the existence then that company will not be able to form that connection or channels so they have to face losses which leads to the closure of the business. so whose soever company enter the market have to make a huge investment and have to form strategies which are hardly possible. Internal analysis Resources The resources of the company include the tangible, intangible resources and human resources. The tangible resources are the resources that can directly be measured in terms of the monetary or financial resources. For instance; the company achieved sales of the $ 117.8 billion in the year 2009 has surpassed HP and therein the company became the company who earned the largest revenue across the world and the company is second largest chip factory globally. The intangible resource includes the wide range of content, patents, trademark and the image of the company. The company has registered approximately 8782 patents in the US, 3611 for Samsung electronics. The achieved the highest profit in the last 2 years and this was possible due to Galaxy S7 (The Telegraph, 2016), though this is also a fact that due to the blast of the phones the company found the loss in the revenue and in the reputation of the company (Brondoni, 2015). At that point of the time, it was difficult for the company to gain the trust of the customers and the potential customer so the company provided the option of the refund while submitting the headset to the company. Though the damage was done the company was taking precautions. Gradually the company gains the trust and now the company is having the well-known reputation or goodwill in the market as the company is able to serve its services across the world. Human resources refer to the employees who work for the company, the company believes in hiring the skilled and trained employees along with this the employees who have the experienced in the field are welcomed by Samsung with the open arms. While recruiting and selecting the employee's company to make sure that the employees have skills and capabilities that are required to the company. Capabilities The company has the capabilities as this the reason company is able to manage the interaction among the firm capabilities and the international networks. The company formed the linkages with the foreign countries and companys through which technology and promote their products. However, the capabilities of the company in the mass production of the products are inadequate which sometimes leads to the problems for the company. For instance, the blast of the mobile phone-Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there was lack of the capabilities of the company which created the impact on the customers and this raised a question mark on the company (Pisano, 2015). Core competencies The major core competencies of the company include technology leadership, creative people, customer value creation, and innovation. By the year 2014, the company achieved the success and became the leading smartphone manufacturer having the 30% of the market share. The success of the company in the field of the technology is the core competencies of the company. Though the company is achieving the success with the use of the technology this time there were some faults (Lee, 2014). Competitive advantage The competitive advantage refers to as the advantage over its competitors in a favorable or superior position. The company is having some of the competitive advantages such as the design of the products offered by the company are orientalized. The quality of the products has good value, strong technologies, brand recognition and the constantly introducing new products such as Samsung Galaxy S7. The company makes use of the technology along with the innovation in their products that becomes the technical advantage of the company (Lee, Paek, and Jung, 2016). Overall the competitive advantage of the company is the reduced cost and formation of cost performance advantage from manufacturing a large number of IC devices. The competitive advantage of the company is not only the way of performing the activities but also the way to ring the innovation in the products (Petersen, S.I., Kim, and MOZOTA, 2015). Recommendation The company is going well and a company is trying to regain the same position in the market due to some of the incidence which took place over past 2 years. The company should launch a new product with the comparatively low price and with the unique and all features, this will help the company in garbing the attention of the customers towards the product. If the customer gets satisfied with the products they are surely going to buy the product again and this helps the company in improving the customer trust on the brand. it is recommended to the company, the profit earned by the company in the year 2016 due to S7, the amount should be invested by the company in testing and technology so that they can don't make the mistake again. Conclusion The report throws light on the evaluation of the Samsung Company on the basis of the theoretical concept, Samsung is selected because the company was in news over past 2 years. The analysis includes the industry attractiveness which is considering the porter five forces. Furthermore, there is an internal analysis which includes resources, capabilities and core competitiveness of the company. The competitive advantage is shown in the report which shows what make the company different and unique form the other companies. References Dudovkiy, J., 2017, Samsung Porters Five Forces Analysis, viewed on 16th December 2017, Lee, F.Y., 2014. Competitive Advantages of Smartphone Industry in 4G Era-A case study of SAMSUNG and SONY. Lee, H., Paek, B. and Jung, J., 2016, June. Research on the dynamic capabilities of leading firms: The case of Samsung's digital TV business. InISPIM Innovation Symposium(p. 1). The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM). Petersen, S.I., Kim, J. and MOZOTA, B.B.D., 2015. Managing Design driven innovation through the use of design scorecards. In 11th Conference of the European Academy of Design, April. Rothaermel, F.T., 2015. Strategic management. McGraw-Hill Education.Khan, U.A., Alam, M.N. and Alam, S., 2015. A Critical Analysis of Internal and External Environment of Apple Inc. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, 3(6), pp.955-961.Han, I.S. and Oh, K.Y., 2013. The Mixture of Fortune and Sweats: The Success of Korean LCD Industry in East Asia. Asian Social Science, 10(2), p.126. Pisano, G.P., 2015. A normative theory of dynamic capabilities: connecting strategy, know-how, and competition.Brondoni, S.M., 2015. Global Networks, Outside-In Capabilities and Smart Innovation. Symphonya, (1), p.6.